Although every individual is different, there are certain facts that remain the same of every living being and that is the pH factor of the individual and their environment. Solving the Interstitial Cystitis Puzzle: A Guide to Natural Healing continues Amrit's completely new and unorthodox approach to recovering from interstitial cystitis. The author, a holistic Registered Nurse, researched current holistic literature and texts as well as consulting with holistic practitioners about the pH balance of the body and how the pH factor is relevant to solving IC and other inflammatory conditions. What the author discovered is that an acid-alkali imbalance is responsible for developing interstitial cystitis. Interstitial cystitis is considered a syndrome by some medical personnel, and it is believed that multiple factors contribute to IC. The author believes the following factors contribute to developing IC: consuming an acid-forming diet, drinking acidic beverages, breathing contaminated acidic air and living stressful acid-forming lifestyles. These key factors along with allergies and other conditions add to the acid load of the body. The author discovered an alkalizing program that is simple, natural, and founded on solid chemical principles. The author presents scientifically how acidity and allergies are the principle problems behind interstitial cystitis. The author describes an alkali-forming diet along with recommending alkaline water and alkali-forming lifestyle as well as natural inexpensive alkalizing supplements, which will help balance the body's pH.

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"You Can Solve the IC Puzzle!"

I overcame interstitial cystitis. You can, too. This book outlines my discovery and recovery from interstitial cystitis. I discovered I had an acid-alkali imbalance and this knowledge led me on my path to recovery. Without medications and painful medical procedures, I have regained my life naturally and holistically by following a few simple guidelines.

You will discover how

  • I eliminated IC by following a hypoallergenic alkalizing diet and an alkalizing program
  • I balanced my body's pH by drinking alkaline water
  • I healed leaky gut syndrome (LGS), the liver, and adrenal glands that contributed to my acid-alkali imbalance
  • I was pain free within a few days
  • I embarked upon a healing path from IC with common inexpensive supplements and simple natural procedures, a list of which are included for your reference

A member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, Amrit Willis, RN, BSN, BA, received her degrees in Nursing and English from the University of Iowa. She was a clinical nursing instructor having practiced Medical-Surgical and Psychiatric Nursing for more than twenty years. Over this time, she has studied nutrition and holistic healing modalities and has blended these studies into her nursing practice and her life. She is a wife and mother currently residing in Chicago, Illinois.


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The Mother's Signature:
A Journal of Dreams
by Bernard W. Bail, MD

Through decades of patient case studies, Dr. Bail presents a revolutionary thesis of psychological DNA to explain the cause underlying emotional problems we all face and are resistant to psychotherapy.

Visit Dr. Bail's Website:

Acid and Alkaline
by Herman Aihara
This is a simple and concise book describing acid and alkali principles. More scientific than other books, but this is useful for those who seek a more clinical explanation of alkalization. Aihara explains how certain foods neutralize body acids by presenting the reader with chemical formulas.  If you prefer Asian foods, he has an excellent list of typical Asian food sources that are alkalizing.  
Alkalize or Die
by Theodore A. Baroody
This knowledgeable holistic healthcare provider has written several books.  This book is a wonderful reference—if you can get a copy.  (It seems you might have to get a used copy, like me.)  A compassionate naturopath who explains why alkalization is so critical in recovering from chronic diseases.  
Reverse Aging
by Sang Y. Whang
This is a good book describing the properties of alkaline water and its benefits. The author describes his healing journey resolving his high blood pressure without medications, but instead consumed alkaline water.  He is an engineer and an inventor and describes the properties and benefits of alkaline water in very scientific terms. Sang Whang also invented Alkalife drops that you add to ordinary water to create healthier alkaline water.
An Apple a Day? Is it Enough Today?
by M. Ted Morter, Jr.
An Apple A Day addresses the pH factor and disease. Health is the result of making more right decisions than wrong; about eating, drinking, exercising, resting, breathing and thinking to influence your pH balance. This book will help you understand what the particular choices in your diet can mean to your body, and how you can modify your diet to produce a consistent body chemistry that can help keep you healthy for the rest of your life.
The Chemistry of Success : Six Secrets of Peak Performance
by Susan M. Lark, James A. Richards
This is a great resource that describes the pH factor and health. It is too bad the book has a poor, non-descript title that does not represent the content. I stumbled upon this book through another reference. Dr. Lark gives plenty of healing suggestions for alkalizing and detoxing the body including oxygen therapy and numerous useful supplements.  This is a medical doctor who wants to see people feel better and take responsibility for their healing and gives you plenty of tools to do so!
The Feel Good Food Guide
Easy Recipes Free of Sugar, Wheat, Yeast, Corn, Eggs, Dairy and Soy!
by Deborah Page Johnson
This book contains recipes and self help for people allergic or sensitive to sugar, wheat, eggs, yeast, corn, dairy, soy, and nightshades—perfect for IC sufferers. Also, help for people with candida and environmental sensitivities. There is a picture on every page, eight-page color section, glossary, rotation chart, food families listed, food combining chart, and much more. The focus is on alternative grains, organic foods, and the use of the sweet herb, stevia. This book is a feast for the eye as well as the palate.
Sick and Tired? Reclaim Your Inner Terrain
by Robert and Shelly Redford Young
This is a revolutionary new book that describes what happens scientifically  with the acidification of the body and its eventual breakdown especially from yeast and molds.  He has developed what is now classified as the New Biology which could in all reality replace Pasteur's Germ Theory.  He gives a very clear and strict alkalizing program including diet for those who are willing to commit to it with numerous testimonials of recovery from a miraculous recovery from third degree burns to overcoming bladder cancer.  This alkalizing diet is similar to an anti-yeast diet minus the animal products. 
A New Biology
by Dennis L Myers, MD

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Dr. Myer's book A New Biology addresses acid/alkali imbalances and pleomorphism. I highly recommend this book to get a greater understanding of how latent tissue acidosis is the basic problem behind chronic disease. Dr. Myer's has been working with European doctors for years studying pH imbalance and disease. You can only purchase this book from his website.
Dynamic Health
Using Your Own Beliefs, Thoughts, and Memory to Create a Healthy Body
by M. Ted Morter, Jr.
Dr. Morter has written a wonderful book that addresses the  influence of the mind and our subtle body energies on dis-ease versus wellness.  You can purchase this book on his web site or at  He describes how stress and our thoughts and emotions can effect our ability to recover from chronic conditions such as IC. 
Hidden Food Allergies
Finding the Foods That Cause You Problems and Removing Them from Your Diet
by Stephen Astor, MD
This is a 145 page book written by a Harvard trained allergy specialist. He describes how we can have different  painful symptoms throughout the body related to hidden food allergies. Once these allergens are detected and removed from the diet most medical complaints are relieved. Some food allergy symptoms he lists related to IC are: pain during urination, urinary tract burning, urinary infections, frequency of urination, urgency of urination. Although allergy testing may be useful in some cases, Dr. Astor encourages the reader to use a strict allergy elimination diet to detect hidden allergens.
Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine
Improving Health and Longevity with Native Nutrition
by Ronald F. Schmid, ND
Modern medicine now recognizes that the present-day Western diet is responsible for many of today's chronic illnesses. The author explains how a return to a traditional diet can help you reduce your risk of heart attack; fight allergies, arthritis, and headaches; and increase your life-expectancy.
What Would Jesus Eat?
The Ultimate Program for Eating Well, Feeling Great, and Living Longer
by Don Colbert, MD

This book is based on a Mediterranean Diet. This diet was eaten by Jesus and is the same diet that more and more people are recommending today because of the health, weight, and anti-aging benifits that they have noticed from it. The main focus of the book is showing you what a toxic lifestyle most Americans lead, and how specific things in our "normal" diets are literally killing us. Dr. Colbert explains the toxicity of the foods we consume and also explains the benefits of "whole" foods.

This book will help you to understand how food can help to nourish your Spirit, mind, and body.

Food Is Your Best Medicine
by Henry G. Beiler, MD
A fascinating interpretation of how the body functions to maintain good health and addresses all kinds of ailments with specific nutritional approaches. A pioneering nutrition classic.
The Yeast Connection : A Medical Breakthrough
by William G. Crook, MD
This fully revised and updated edition of The Yeast Connection tells you how to suspect, identify, and overcome the chronic and often devastating health problems related to Candida albicans, or common yeast.
The Liver Cleansing Diet : Love Your Liver and Live Longer
by Sanda Cabot, MD
Created by Sandra Cabot of Australia, The Liver Cleansing Diet is a practical approach to healthy eating designed to aid the liver in its job of regulating the metabolism and burning fat. Readers can use the book as a guide to an eight-week cleansing, or simply incorporate Dr. Cabot's twelve principles for a healthy liver into their existing diet. While the program can be very beneficial for readers with liver disease, it is also appropriate for anyone who wishes to improve their overall health and well-being. It helps to balance the metabolism, reduces strain on the immune system, and contributes to a healthy energy level.
The Yeast Connection Cookbook
by William G. Crook, MD and Margorie Hurt Jones, RN
The authors present a concrete plan to help to diversify the diet if you are eliminating yeast and working on your allergies. There is a 40-page the section that lists every vegetable you could imagine, how to select them, and how to prepare them. People whose taste buds are attuned to modern Western fare may balk at these recipes, but the book is a godsend for a person avoiding and rotating food allergens.
Back to the House of Health : Rejuvenating Recipes to Alkalize and Energize for Life
by Robert and Shelly Redford Young
Learn how to prepare beautiful alkalizing meals!  Easy and fast alkalizing meals such as soups, salads, healthy snacks and delicious entrees.  However, if it is fruit you love, you won't find it in here.  Dr. Young's alkalizing diet includes the following fruit: tomatoes, avocados, lemons, limes and an occasional grapefruit.  When a person is balanced small portions of fresh seasonal fruit may be added as snacks between meals.  Sugar, even in natural fruits, is discouraged on this alkalizing program.
Greens Glorious Greens! : More Than 140 Ways to Prepare All Those Great-Tasting, Super-Healthy, Beautiful Leafy Greens
by Johnna Albi & Catherine Walthers
Leafy green vegetables are so healthy for you, but trying to figure out how to cook them was a huge challenge for me! I even found that main stream vegetarian cookbooks barely mentioned them! This book looks at each leafy green vegetable alphabetically and describes it, tells you what to look for when buying it, and gives between 5 an 10 recipes for cooking it. It covers everything from mustard, to kale, to chard, to Chinese greens. I love this book! The recipes are easy and fast to prepare. I highly recommend this cookbook. —
Recipes from a Vegetarian Goddess : Delectable Feasts through the Seasons
by Karri Allrich
Ms. Allrich has put together a very special cookbook with simple and quick recipes that use fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.  From sautéed cabbage with toasted walnuts to coconut-curried vegetable stew these are not your usual brown rice and vegetable recipes!  A good way to get those alkalizing vegetables into our bodies and enjoy it!  
The Interstitial Cystitis Survival Guide : Your Guide to the Latest Treatment Options and Coping Strategies
by Robert M. Moldwin
This is a good reference and guide for current medical treatments and medications for IC.
You Don't Have to Live With Cystitis
by Dr. Larrian Gillespie
A nice medical guide about cystitis as the title suggests and also includes two chapters devoted to interstitial cystitis specifically.  Dr. Gillespie is a compassionate doctor devoted to her patients.  She offers a lot of helpful tips for comfort.
To Wake in Tears : Understanding Interstitial Cystitis
by Catherine M. Simone
This is a wonderful book by a person who is recovered from IC and gives a lot of insight into how it feels to have interstitial cystitis.  
Along the Healing Path : Recovering from Interstitial Cystitis
by Catherine M. Simone
A second book by Catherine that gives a lot of good suggestions for healing IC with alternative and more natural treatments.  A useful self-help book by a person who is still recovered from IC.
Awakening Through the Tears : Interstitial Cystitis and the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection
by Catherine M. Simone
The third book by Catherine that brings her ideas full circle.

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