Solving the Interstitial Cystitis Puzzle

Although every individual is different, there are certain facts that remain the same for every living being and that is the pH factor of the individual and their environment. Solving the Interstitial Cystitis Puzzle: A Guide to Natural Healing continues Amrit's new and unorthodox approach to recovering from interstitial cystitis. The author, a holistic Registered Nurse, researched current alternative health texts as well as consulting with holistic practitioners about the pH balance of the body and how the pH factor is relevant to solving IC and other inflammatory conditions. What the author discovered is that an acid-alkali imbalance contributes to interstitial cystitis. Interstitial cystitis is classified a syndrome by some medical personnel, and it is believed that multiple factors contribute to IC. The author considers the following factors provoke the development of IC: consuming an acid-forming diet, acidic beverages, breathing polluted air and living stressful acid-forming lifestyles. These key factors along with allergies and other conditions add to the acid load of the body. The author discovered an alkalizing program that is simple, natural, and founded on solid chemical principles. The author presents scientifically how acidity and allergies are considerable factors behind interstitial cystitis. The author describes an alkali-forming diet along with recommending mineral water and alkali-forming lifestyle as well as natural inexpensive alkalizing supplements, which will help balance the body's pH.

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"You Can Solve the IC Puzzle!"

I overcame interstitial cystitis. You can, too. This book outlines my discovery and recovery from interstitial cystitis. I discovered I had an acid-alkali imbalance and this knowledge led me on a path to restored health. Without medications and painful medical procedures, I have regained my life naturally and holistically by following a few simple guidelines.

You will discover how

  • I eliminated IC by following a hypoallergenic alkalizing diet and an alkalizing program
  • I balanced my body's pH by drinking alkaline water
  • I healed leaky gut syndrome (LGS), the liver, and adrenal glands that contributed to my acid-alkali imbalance
  • I was pain free within a few days
  • I embarked upon a healing path from IC with common inexpensive supplements and simple natural procedures, a list of which are included for your reference

Amrit Willis, RN, BSN, BA, received her degrees in Nursing and English from the University of Iowa. She was a clinical nursing instructor having practiced Medical-Surgical and Psychiatric Nursing for more than twenty years. Over this time, she has studied nutrition and holistic healing modalities and has blended these studies into her nursing practice and her life. She is a wife and mother currently residing in Chicago, Illinois.


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